Creative Services

Our Creative Services

From project support to graphic design, rely on us to get you noticed

Words and Pictures

Whether it’s a banner or a full marketing campaign, we have all the resources. 

Typography is in our blood and that’s great because we love designing with type. We can transform a page of wording to look interesting and stylish, with the Flying Design treatment. Some projects will require graphics, but that’s no problem, as we can provide the perfect imagery or produce a bespoke piece for a project.
Motion design

Motion Design

Bringing design to a small screen near you.

If it's a whole website, specific motion graphics or banners to be used on an existing site or application, we can produce animations and movies in your required format. How about an animated gif version of your company logo to go at the bottom of your email or in Powerpoint presentations?
Motion design

Corporate Style

Creativity within style.

Working with corporate design is a natural part of our work, if there is an existing style to follow, then be assured of it being followed - to the letter. And if a new corporate ID or branding guidelines for an existing identity is required, you've come to the 
right place. 
Corporate designs
For more information on any of our creative services or to discuss your next project, please call 
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