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Experienced Designers

Our mission is; to provide materials and support to our customers which enable them to connect with their audiences, in the most effective and engaging way possible. 

About our Design Company

With experience dating back to 1988, we've got an excellent record of providing 
effective solutions for print production, including large format, visual displays 
and exhibition stands...

Not to mention electronic resources and in-house corporate documents - and this doesn't stop at the Mac, or paste-up board as it was back at the beginning.... we also offer solutions to marketing and promotional projects; sourcing specific products, getting involved in new processes and working with trusted external resources, 
to make things happen from start to finish.
Design company


Two heads are better than one.

Flying Design has worked with a diverse range of businesses over the years, developing professional and trusting business relationships. There have been many changes along the way, including the introduction of digital print and mobile technologies, but one thing remains the same - the quality and knowledge is always of the highest standard.
If you would like more information on our professional team of designers, please Call
01753 643 388
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